Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get Ready For 2012 by Working for Others

A lot of predictions have been made about the world coming to an end in 2012. Different people have given different reasons for this to happen. Few believe that earth will undergo a drastic transformation whereas others say that humanity will experience a consciousness change. In fact, a date has even been predicted when all this will happen which is 21 December 2012.

But why only 2012, why not some other year? The reason behind this is that the Mayan Calendar ends abruptly on this day as per the Gregorian calendar. No one knows the reason behind the end of the calendar on 21 December 2012, but people have different theories about it. But the basic idea that the world will undergo a major transition is not a new idea. Even the Jewish mystics have predicted that the world would face a major change. However, according to them this change will not occur for another 231 years.

According to the prophecy of Kabbalists or Jewish mystics, the spiritual evolution of the world can be compared to the 7 days of a week. The 6000th year has been compared to the sixth working day of cosmic week and has been said that that will be the year when the world will cross the threshold of Shabba HaGadol. At present, we are in the 5769th year of Jewish calendar. As per the Kabbalists’ version, at about 12.30 pm on the afternoon of Friday, the Jews prepare for the Sabbath which begins on Friday evening at Sundown.

So what affect does all this have on our lives? It signifies that now is the time to start preparing for a transition that will occur some time in the future. Whenever this time will come, it will be experienced as the time of ‘Peace’ or ‘Heaven’ on Earth. The Kabbalists have specified that in order to prepare ourselves for this future event, we need to change our conscious to a selfless one and become the kind of people who work for the sake of others and receive everything for helping others.

The basic idea is to connect to God by behaving in a manner in which god would behave and appreciate. According to the Kabbalist perspective, the world was created by God to provide Divine gifts to us. So if we live for others, we will grow to be givers. This, in turn, will remove the barrier between us and God, between the receiver and Giver. After this barrier is removed, we get close and connected to God and this feeling gives us immense peace. God created us as recipient of goodness and undoubtedly we would still love to receive. But we should accept everything with the intention of sharing with others to giving to others.

It is true that one cannot change completely in a moment’s time. However, when each one of when will begin to change our conscious, it will have an affect on our environment as well as everything around us. If we get ready for 2012 from now onwards, it may happen that we create the change that has been predicted, rather than that change affecting our lives. Whichever way it may be, one thing is for sure that our lives would improve and the world would become a better place of live-in.

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