Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nostradamus Prophecy: the Iraq War

"On the field of Iran, of Arabia and of Eastern Turkey
Two great armies will assemble three times
Near the river Araks
The host of the great Suleiman will be cut off"
(Century 3, Quatrain 31)

There is a quatrain of Nostradamus that clearly points to three conflicts occurring in the areas of Arabia/Kuwait, of Eastern Turkey and of Iran. The first one already came to pass 12 years ago in what came be to known as Desert Storm. The second one refers to the current war in Iraq. And the third one is for the near future when, this time, Iran will be involved also.

“By firepower of armies, not far from the Black Sea,
He will come from Iran to occupy Trebizond"
(Century 5, Quatrain 27)

Trebizond is a strategic city in Eastern Turkey on the shores of the Black Sea.

"From the Black Sea and the great Tartary;
a would be king will come to see Gaul
He will transpire Alania and Armenia
and in Istanbul will leave his bloody standard"
(Quatrain No.54, Century No. 5)

Gaul was an ancient name for Turkey and Alania is modern day Chechnya that suggests Russian involvement in the Iraq-Iran conflicts in the near future.

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danilo said...

Gual is not the old name for Turkey. The old name for Turkey is Anatolia.