Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nostradamus Prediction about World War III

‘Nostradamus’ – a world renowned personality made a number of predictions for the future of the world during his lifetime, many of which actually came true. He made some predictions about the occurrence of World War III as well. Do we know all about it?

Born in France in the district of Saint Remy on 14th of December 1503, Nostradamus was always a talented and studios child in school. He learnt various languages and subsequently became expert in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin among others. He was also a good physician as well as a Great Astrologer.

Ever since the time when he was a small child, he had steadfast faith in Jesus Christ and possessed an intuitive power within himself. He began giving out his prophecies at the age of 44 years. Many of his prophecies were related to different countries, particularly their politicians. A number of his predictions were related to important events which were to take place in the world as well as about wars. All his predictions were written in the form of 4 lines poem which were given the name ‘Century’ which were published in 9 volumes.

Nostradamus’ predictions covered a period of more than 1500 years following his death. In many of his predictions he has even mentioned the exact date and year in which the event would be taking place. Due to this, he has been fondly given the name ‘kind of prophets’. Few of his most significant predictions include the destruction due to atom bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, England Internal War, French revolution, Fall of Napolean and Hitler, Kennedy brother’s murder, Mahatma Gandhi’s murder, Germany’s partition and reunion, Vietnam War and many more. He had also predicted that a large asteroid will crash in the ocean in this millennium leading to disastrous results.

About the World War III, he has said that the greatest destruction will occurs due to the actions of human beings. The war will mainly involve the use of chemical weapons and its consequent suffering will go on for almost 27 years. He has also predicted the total devastation of the city of New York. So along with his predictions, he also tells the people of the world to develop more mercy and tolerance towards each other in order to avoid these devastating events. In his view, people will understand that the causes of all suffering lie within their own lives; they will realize their faults and the world will get back its golden age once again.

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